• Different Types of Recruiters

      By Charlene Ong
      4th September 2013

      "Hi Mr Client, I have received the job description from, I will start working on the role." OR "Hi Mr Client, I have received a new role from you, can we discuss this further to ensure I get the best possible fit."

      Which one is closer to what you would have said?... Or is it neither?

      Are you a leader or follower? Do you make things happen or wait for things to happen? Or are you not sure what is happening in the recruitment process? Often, recruiters fall into the trap of being an order taker especially when they are inexperienced. If you are an 'old-bird' and still taking orders blindly, there must be something which you haven't realize in yourself and that is 'pure laziness'.

      A recruiter who make things happen. They are usually born leaders or possess the competency to be leaders.  They pay high attention, they are objective and know what needs to be done without being asked to. In search, diligent recruiters will not wait for suitable CVs to pop into their inbox. They will go all out to get referrals, think out of the box to get suitable CVs, approach competitors, use social media tools, get their friends to apply etc. bottom line for majority of us is still to earn our well-deserved commission or incentives. I know of a desperate recruiter, who was sourcing for a Trainer role, identifying a candidate through applying for a course with the company just to get the name and contact of the trainer. This happens as the recruiter has already utilized all the conventional sourcing method. This candidate went on to interview with the client! To close a deal, just an interview is not enough. Have you got what it takes to close this position? Briefing candidate thoroughly about the expectations and what is not stated in the JD is essential, especially the soft skills and the style of the hiring manager.

      A recruiter who wait for things to happen. There are definitely recruiters who wait for profiles to walk into their inbox and say to clients they have done their best but no suitable CVs. Are you guilty of this? Understanding the hiring manager's need is a key critical factor in sourcing for a role. Have you asked: what's important for this hire? What are the 'must-have' factors? What is the status of this role now? Is there anyone else working on this role? What are the key challenges of filling this role? What is important to you in choosing a recruiter to work with? Etc… there will also be clients who doesn't know much about the role since they are not the hiring managers, yet they just want you to send CVs! Again, is this role worth working on? Maybe…? More often than not, it's a No! You will be beating around the bush not knowing what kind of person you are looking for.  You will be like looking for a needle in a haystack; it is difficult or almost impossible to find since you don't have an answer to what you are looking for.

      A recruiter who is not sure what is happening. "Hi Mr Client, I have a CV for your consideration… vast experience in B2B business..." Recruiter continues to rattle on… Client replied they have identified someone. Recruiter must have control over the situations and always be on the beat with what's going on in the recruitment process. Persistency and prompt follow-up is the key.

      Lastly, so… have you asked yourself which type of recruiter are you? Or which type of recruiter do you want to be? Selling a candidate is not just about the experience. Having a successful placement is about placing the right people at the right place and the right time, considering all factors such as cultural-fit, competency-fit and value of an individual. No recruiters will want their candidates to leave a job within a short timeframe, having to do a replacement, it's only making extra work for yourself and has the opportunity cost of lost time which could be invested elsewhere on new business.