• Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!
      Written by Woo Hui Wen, Senior Consultant – Sales & Marketing
      23rd June 2014

      The title of this article should rightfully be “Don’t forget to write thank you!”

      When did you last receive a thank you note? Or write a thank you note?

      A friend recently bought a bag, for a special occasion. The in-store experience was great but she assumed the shopping experience ended after the swipe of the credit card, as it usually does. So she was pleasantly shocked to receive a hand-written thank you note a couple of days later. I was just as shocked, because that’s how rare the thank-you note has become.

      I still send thank-you notes to my clients and candidates. I enjoy the experience of putting pen to paper and writing a personalized message – and I hope the recipient enjoys the experience just as much as I do. After all, it’s rare to receive any snail mail these days - aside from bills and mailers.

      It’s rare that I receive thank-you notes but there is a handful of jobseekers that still send them, whether electronically or via snail mail. The snail mail option can be a little onerous (it usually takes me all of 5 minutes to get it done), so e-mail can be a viable option.

      Does it work? Well yes it certainly serves its purpose of being courteous. And yes, it does put the writer at front of mind. If you are an active jobseeker, or just a jobseeker with old-school manners, the thank-you note might be something to consider as a simple and inexpensive way to stand out from the sea of jobseekers.

      Some ideas on writing your thank you note:

      1. Personalise it. Remember to change the recipient’s name accordingly. More seriously, make a reference in the note that is relevant to the recipient and the interaction.

      2. Show your personality. Forget generic Hallmark greetings and write in a style that mirrors how you speak and behave in real life.

      3. Keep it brief and to the point.