• Recruit with a Heart
      Written by Ang Wan Qi, Consultant – Accountancy & Finance
      5th March 2015 

      recruiting with a heart post imageWhen I first joined recruitment, I heard someone commented “Most recruiters are mercenaries and always motivated by personal gains without considering the welfare of their candidates." I was truly taken aback by the negative comments and disagree because I always thought, even till today, that recruitment is a very meaningful job - finding a match of a candidate's and client's needs and keeping both sides happy. 

      I might not be able to speak for every single recruiter in the market but at least for myself, I find great satisfaction when I place a happy candidate with a happy client and the bonus I get is just an additional reward for my hard work. I put in equal effort no matter how junior or senior the role is. I believe I have always put the welfare of both my candidates and clients above, bridging the gap between both ends to make it happen. Till today, I still believe so and recruit with a heart. It is this quality that keeps me in business and getting support not only from clients but also candidates.

      Recruiting with a heart from the candidate's side means understanding candidates as well as being totally honest to them. For example, understanding that a career break is totally justifiable for a candidate who needs to take care of her new born child for a year or two and not turn them down when they are ready to look for a new role. After all, to most, family is one of the most important things that keeps us going and motivated. Candidates have different priorities at different stages of their lives and it is important for us as recruiters to understand that as well as make clients understand that. When candidates are unable to travel extensively due to having a young family, we need to remain honest to them on the amount of travel for a role and let them decide whether it is a role they wish to pursue and not being pushy. Being understanding and honest is recruiting with heart. 

      From the client's side, to recruit for them with a heart is to have the patience to see through the whole process, give them the necessary time and information to make informed hiring decisions. Being pushy with just one candidate profile when there are more options for the hiring organization, might be a quick and short term gain for a recruiter but it does nothing to build trust and relationship with clients. 

      Recruiting with a heart, to balance the interest and welfare of both candidates and clients, takes a big amount of effort and patience on the recruiter. As recruiters, we can always compromise the interest of candidates over our client's interest, for example short-changing their salary packages which are not in line with the market for a quick closure etc. However, if you want to recruit with a heart and have happy candidates and clients, you need to take time to strike a balance. It is important for recruiters to have a heart and be passionate about the things they do. I am sure clients and candidates would love to work with such recruiters who are not just motivated by their own personal gains.