• Robotic Interviews + How to Calm Nerves!

      The other week a super candidate lost a job because of desperation which was being disguised through niceness, overt gesticulations, exaggerated communication and a performance picked up by the interviewer as “not being genuine”.

      Right now I’m observing just how pronounced and increasing desperation is. Whether it’s desperation about finding a job, doing the job interview…and securing another round, obtaining the right salary, landing the perfect job or education, having a good life. Desperation about – what’s next, or second guessing about what is coming next…desperation about what’s ‘right’ versus ‘getting it wrong’…. Desperate about being desperate even (!)

      RoboticIf it’s in our working lives, it’s also there in the rest of our lives too, a quality that’s occupying relationships of all kinds, there when we speak, communicate, express, directing how we move our body or limbs, the way we prepare dinner, eat the food, take a walk, exercise, shower. In short the quality we are in ourselves cannot help but touch every single aspect and detail of our lives.

      Our body naturally loves the quality of harmony, balance, being at-ease – though in my job of Sales, I often find myself reflecting when I’m the opposite of this, and the impact it has upon my sense of wellbeing, my day, how I engage with people, do my job, and also consider my job too.

      How often do we choose to not be aware of our quality?

      Or, even when we do note for example how withdrawn or drained we actually feel, just push on to the very next thing, fighting what we feel in purposely racing, rushing, speeding, reacting, storytelling to keep heightened, anxious, and keeping that unsettled feeling very much intact; a normal part of everyday living.

      What I’ve come to learn and also see in candidates who attend interviews too, is that if there’s no togetherness with ourselves, then we really don’t feel prepared for the interview either, or feel flustered and suffer ‘pre-interview nerves’ – is like we jump out of our body to become someone else, split. And it’s this split quality that ends up doing the interview… and performing. Is it any wonder how come we don’t get hired, even desperate?

      When I’m not feeling prepared or together with myself, space and flow feels so limited or restricted, my sense of trust, clarity, ease and knowingness all go out the window…I feel off, my decisions become heady or unclear and I can feel unsteady, self-doubting, or anxious.

      So when it comes to pre-interview nerves, how can we calm ourselves?


      Space-create through de-cluttering; getting rid of the rubbish…!

      I’m talking about the rubbish we hoard from images, pictures, or expectations about ourselves, about others, our position, level, experience, workplace, or life that jam up the mind and body into a restriction, desperation or stilted robotic-ness.

      Because space helps movement and flow. And heals the split gap of ‘non-togetherness’ which causes the anxiousness.

      Space-create – by choosing it for yourself.

      Because when there is space there is –

      • Sense of freeness: possibilities, potential and capability are felt clearly and embraced
      • Quality connection - togetherness in the body and mind – allows more to be done without feeling shattered, irritable, miserable or suffering the blues
      • Higher quality of work
      • More energy. Zest for life, people and work - we love what we do!
      • Flow to our communication and expression - our body moves easier, freer
      • Confidence from feeling ready, prepared for whatever’s ahead – calming pre-interview nerves

      So, READINESS or DESPERATION? – As ever, always a choice. I know what I’m focusing on and choosing : )


      Zofia Sharman is forever inspired by people and truth, and is based in Singapore working as a Recruiter for HR at VOLT, an international recruitment consultancy that supports people to secure jobs and careers they love. It’s that simple. For more information see http://voltasia.com.sg/home.aspx