• Tick-Box or Intuition?


      In the job of Recruiting we get to understand people in relation to the jobs they do, and how they do it. We support and develop people’s potential, careers and equally their lives right from studies, post-graduation to manager, director or CEO. It’s a completely awesome job and profession.

      Yet what makes the difference to the actual seemingly ‘routine’, some might even say transactional job of recruiting or hiring itself, and its level of enjoyment or even success?

      And, what about the impressions we leave on a candidate or client in how we interact with them as the Recruiter/Hirer? Do they feel a natural joy or connectedness from us, or more formulaic, applying a tick box approach?

      Let’s talk a bit more about connectedness. What I found apparent from the start of entering the recruiting profession some years ago, is that recruitment is largely if not mostly to do with spotting potential and making connections. And I discovered quite early on that the quality with the most potential - to be able to spot that potential, make that connection …and affect a candidate’s placing into a job, is not solely in the set of skills I find within their CV, but instead utilizing something else that is actually within me. Something that’s intangible. Quite the opposite of something formulaic or tick box. What I’m talking about is INTUITION from a developing SIXTH SENSE that complements all the other 5 temporal senses, touch, taste, smell, sight, sound. A sixth sense and quality that’s often undersold, misunderstood, or sidelined because of this intangibility, parceled off as being a bit spooky, weird, seeing ghosts, ‘new age’ or telepathic...Which is not what I’m talking about at all.

      I have always found the job of Recruitment easy. Not rocket-science as everyone says. Because you could be mistaken for regarding the job as a tick-box one by its simple design of matching jobs and candidates through connections and potential, and in the routineness it can become “boring”. And yet as time went by in Recruiting, and the more aware I became of this intuitive quality…the more it strengthened. I began to feel and sense so much more instead of just looking at or going by the piece of paper or CV in front of me, even the person sitting opposite as I interviewed them. Recruitment was turning into a science after all and so far from boring (!) I knew with a level of certainty or knowing about those who’d end up getting the job that at times could appear as illogical given their CV or current position. Living aware had its advantages!

      “The WAY FORWARD is to live moment by moment in the awareness of everything. This is how our sixth sense naturally operates, for it never ceases to feel energy." Serge Benhayon ~ An Open Letter to Humanity, p 301

      More than just looking at body language, feeling or reading energy has a sort of unique precision - it’s a bit like those times somebody’s saying or texting all the right things, looking the part, and sounding very convincing [with the right body language] …yet underneath everything is the distinct feeling of it not being quite right. You can’t put your finger on it. All is not what it appears. Using intuition allows us to see what’s really there behind those appearances…and be less taken in or fooled… which is rather handy for when dealing with candidate’s ‘reasons for leaving’ [jobs], or taking them through the offer process amidst other offers they may have.

      What I’ve come to learn in my job of Recruitment over many years, is that trusting in my sixth sense or intuition and using it is what has made the hugest difference to my job and its enjoyment too. It has been, and is, my success as a Recruiter, and what people appreciate or enjoy when we work together…this connection. Because when I’m connected to myself, I’m less affected by what’s going on with another person, their emotion, drama or complaint. The awareness provides a level of clarity or reception for someone, rather like an unaffected radio signal, the message or career counsel is clear. There are so many benefits in using intuition. I find it helps in

      1. Gaining support, rapport and trust

      2. Saving time and energy (and money too)

      3. Being efficient

      4. Revealing someone’s potential

      5. Directing the way forwards with understanding

      6. Uncovering the x-factor or chemistry

      And many more…

      The sixth sense or developing intuition is a distinct knowing that seems to ‘come to you’ and that’s free from those emotional interferences we can react to that become more of a ‘gut feel or gut instinct’. Intuition is not this ‘gut instinct’, but different because it’s emotion-free, clear as daylight, still as the night. Certain. It brings a level of switched-on-ness to really help see/cut through, and remain less affected to truly support someone in their career, with a job offer or interview for example.

      Using and developing my intuitiveness or sixth sense is a useful and valued currency in the job of Recruiting, and many other professions too, and, although I may not know the exact intricacies of every single job, position or company a person works for, I do know to a certain degree the intricacies towards understanding a person intuitively – as a person first and not as their turmoil, issue, job, profession or title that may be clouding their natural effervescence and potential in revealing the ‘x-factor’ or chemistry connection so often sought. A recruitment process that is far more enjoyable, enriching and benefits everyone, the candidate, the client, the company I work for, and also myself.

      So aside from the technical aspects of recruiting, which is preferred, which makes most sense? The Tick-Box Recruiter or Intuitive-Recruiter?


      Zofia Sharman is forever inspired by people and truth, and is based in Singapore working as a Recruiter for HR at VOLT, an international recruitment consultancy that supports people to secure jobs and careers they love. It’s that simple. For more information see http://voltasia.com.sg/home.aspx