• How to Enjoy Going to Work- Getting Along With Co-Workers Will Do the Trick!


      Written by Ang Wan Qi, Senior Consultant – Accountancy & Finance

      Most of us would probably agree that work plays an important role in our lives and enjoying going to work is crucial to success. How do we enjoy going to work? A simple way is to make sure we enjoy working and get along well with co-workers, who we might even call our family at work. We spend substantial amounts of time with them- how miserable it would be if we could not get along well. After all, people are what make the difference in our work!

      Below are 4 ways to connect better with your colleagues:

      Be Collaborative

      People like to work with other people who are collaborative, people who are not difficult to work with. Everyone has different strengths and contributes in different ways. Being collaborative promotes success and positive energy- further improving the team dynamic! A member of a highly collaborative, close-knit and successful team could never possibly dread going to work!

      Share Successes

      It is important to be able to share successes. Give credit to people on the team who helped you or contributed to the success of a project. People who believe they have only themselves to thank are not good team players. People like to feel appreciated, and one way to show appreciation is to give credit where credit is due!

      Embrace Differences

      No one is exactly the same: no one thinks the same or works the same way. Embracing differences is a key way to build good relationships. Being flexible and adaptable with different styles of working will make sure your co-workers like working with you!

      Find Common Interests

      All work and no play makes Jack and his colleagues a dull team. Connecting with your co-workers on common interests outside work will strengthen your bond. You can enjoy going to work every day knowing you will be hanging out with people who you get along with. Work doesn’t feel like work anymore! Perfect!