• Recruiting Industry Leaders

    Recruiting Industry Leaders

    Recruiting for high-level and critical-to-business positions requires access to a calibre of professionals not available through conventional hiring processes – because who you hire depends directly on how you hire.

    You want to hire the best person for the job, not the best person currently looking for work. Volt recruiters are active within the industries they serve, building relationships with proven professionals. This strategy enables Volt to secure crucial referrals of passive candidates, people currently working yet open to new opportunities.

  • Looking for Talent?

    Looking for Talent?

    Volt is the largest pure commerce and industry recruitment firm in Singapore, focused on mid to senior level professionals. Our expertise includes the following specialisms:

    • Accounting & Finance
    • Engineering & Manufacturing
    • Healthcare & Life Sciences
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Procurement & Supply Chain
    • Property
    • Sales & Marketing

    By leveraging industry expertise, Six Sigma processes, and innovative recruitment strategies, Volt helps companies of all sizes efficiently and effectively improve their recruiting results.

    Volt can help you make solid investments in your business by ensuring that you find the ideal candidate, an employee with the expertise, insight, and experience to make a major contribution to your organization.

  • Welcome to Volt Asia

    Looking for a Job?

    Some of the most exciting opportunities in your industry will never appear on public job boards – but you can find them at Volt. Many companies now bypass job posting and simply rely on Volt for the qualified talent they need. Connect with us today so that you can compete for more opportunities where you can shine.


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