•  How Unconventionalities Can Work for Organizations…

      Written by Nisha Aziz, Consultant – Human Resources

      2nd July 2014

      Are you working in an organization where:

      Your creativity is encouraged?

      Your ideas and thoughts are listened to?

      Your good work is recognized?

      Your manager is approachable and encourages your feedback?

      There room for you to grow and growth is encouraged?

      There are people you can confide in at work?

      Sometimes appreciating an employee isn't all about appreciating their skills, their experience or their performance, It's about appreciating the fact that when you come in to work in the morning you can sit down with someone who is not only good at their job, but who makes it a pleasant experience to sit in front of a screen for 10-12 hours.

      Sometimes the teams with a lot of unconventionalities that contain individuals who aren't afraid to express their individuality are teams with a wealth of ideas, experience, vibrancy and positivity!

      It’s not just about encouraging individuality; it's about encouraging openness and unconventionalities which works towards successes in organization in many different ways…