Appreciation, Being Appreciated At Work- A DIY job!


by Ben Batten

Having completed my 6 week esoteric yoga program, what came up for me to reflect on was the golden issue of self-appreciation…and I wondered why it is that we find this such a difficult thing to do - that is, to truly appreciate ourselves and in turn also others too. Not feeling appreciated typically by employers or managers is perhaps one of the main reasons why many candidates end up quitting their jobs…but when it comes to down to it, whose job is appreciation - the employer's or the employee's?


What I've come to realize in my job of Recruitment is that when we are feeling spent up, annoyed or in the hurt of not feeling valued or appreciated, it's almost like we reduce in size and become a denser version of ourselves. Instead of there being spaciousness and zippiness to appreciate, we start to look outside in our 'miniature' size and start comparing ourselves with another who we think 'has it all', and busy ourselves with a level of competition. What an illness comparison is… purely because it cleverly becomes a reason for us to not see how great we are. And when we don't see this, we suffer from feeling stuck, dense, not evolving, even stagnating…


Something that I've found that deals with comparison is a quality that's the very opposite of how many of us live life, working in 24/7 busyness, 'fast-food' entertainment or computer-game/mobile distraction. The quality I'm referring to STILLNESS. In stillness, there's clarity and space to see things, what they look up close and personal, almost rather like looking at ourselves through a camera lens…


So in all the speeding and busying where comparison can get fertilized, there is no space left to, yes you guessed it - APPRECIATE! So is the default action to-


  • Use speed and busyness as a 'tool' to conveniently create comparison so that there is little space for appreciation? Sounds like self-sabotage to me. And, if there is this, then is it used as an excuse to avoid RESPONSIBILITY (only because in space we get to see and feel the expanse of our own capability and ourselves too)?

  • Consider 'APPRECIATION' as being as simple as slowing down - to create the space to feel and see? Sounds like self-love to me.


Because when we slow down and appreciate who we are fully, comparison can't get in and spoil what is already appreciated or valued. And when there is no comparison, harmony flourishes within, extending to those around us.


When looked at like this, APPRECIATION or HAVING APPRECIATION for ourselves, the job/work we do - is a DIY job. It's a job of responsibility. And any appreciation from another like our boss, manager, colleague, client etc., ends up being an awesome testimony or confirmation of what is held already, just like a brimming full cup - that needs no topping up, just pure enjoyment for the joy that's already there. And when we appreciate ourselves, we create space to appreciate another. Union.