Imposter? Being the REAL - YOU at Work


by Ben Batten

Having recently signed up for a course of meditation/esoteric yoga, one of the many revealing highlights has been getting to feel the way in which we handle ourselves in life, and at work. However slight or pronounced, was LIFE with any rushing, commotion, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, agitation, nervous tension, or more with the quality of ease, spaciousness, joy, an allowing, even care or nurturing. 


The way in which we handle ourselves is the way in which we are then handled by life, and people. 


For example, does running ourselves down often mean that life seemingly sustains to be a struggle, or with conflict to make worse the feeling of emptiness or hollow void about life itself let alone work? A void where we can so often feel like an imposter, fake or a performer walking and moving to the music note of another’s need for us ‘to be better than’, ‘perfect’, a ‘success in life’ from what we do or accomplish in our job, work or career, even further education and studies. 


Through my job of recruiting I get to consider how real are we actually being at work and in life. And, when we are not for whatever reason, then how much (true) enjoyment are we having at work/in life by not being i.e. communicating or expressing as ourselves, and so often feeling unreal. 


Being REAL and working with people who are REAL is awesome, fun and harmonious and what we’d all love when coming to work. 


Not being who we are is not only dishonest to ourselves, but also exhausting, depressing, and affecting of our sense of wellbeing and contentment. The good news is that the more we start to become aware of this, the greater we get to understand ourselves… to then be and live as ourselves, comfortable in our skin. 


As a Recruiter, knowing ourselves also makes far more enriching and successful interview experiences too and develops rapport in relationships by virtue of the fact that the way we relate to ourselves is the way we relate to others – 


  • Feeling like an imposter - how likely is it we meet people not being real with us, even false? 

  • Seeing a candidate’s self-realized potential – a reflection of our own (potential), or at perhaps a call towards seeing this in ourselves too? 

  • Experiencing a colleague’s frustration, anxiety, non-communicative resistant attitude, or lack of transparency – there to encourage or at least consider the way we are being with ourselves? Are we the same? What I’ve come to learn in Recruitment is that being giant reflectors to each other, we are each other’s teacher and also student. Because – 

  • When we understand ourselves, we understand another. And when we understand another, we understand ourselves more deeply. LOVE YOUR JOB! LOVE RECRUITMENT!