Love Your Job – Love YOU!


by Ben Batten

One of the things that people often notice or refer to when I meet them is the tagline on my Linked-In Profile: "Love Your Job!" It draws attention because for many or most of us, this is not our reality. So how come we don't love our job, or look to find another job we seemingly think or hope will provide the love and enjoyment we'd like? And, does love come from the job or a new career, or does it come from us? Interesting.


What I've learned through my job of Recruitment are some of the things which prevent or dull the enjoyment or love of work, and that to see, let alone admit this as being the case, a good dose of honesty is important, if not essential if truly loving our job is a priority.


As a Recruiter doing many interviews, a common theme I come across is SHAME. Shame about all sorts of things or hurts like - having been fired, not drawing the same salary or seniority as before, chosen the wrong career/education or job, not liking the profession, work incident, dropping the ball on a project, failed education, poor mark, lost or unused potential, resentment, remorse or regret in having wasted time or there being a lack of preparation/effort, nostalgia.


Of course this can all be considered as a shame, but isn't it only really a shame because of the effect it has on us i.e. that of stagnation? Because when we stagnate we don't move on. And in hanging on with that sense of feeling 'not good enough' often means compromise, where default choices are more abusing than loving in nature – because how can we love what we have already held so low or left un-cherished? No wonder why in holding onto shame we seem to attract more or repeated 'bad luck' to compound the overall low levels of worthiness, or deserving…


Holding on to shame keeps us down, not up. Aside from affecting enjoyment, it equally puts on ice our stepping forwards to step up to the plate and take responsibility from switching on our power and potential (suffering from an over cast effect). So isn't this the actual shame - the overcast bit that blocks out the rays of bright sunlight, to render the other 'shame' as more of excuse or reason to remain down in comfortable comfort, remorse or regret, instead of otherwise stepping up? 

So if 'shame' is the damp-squid that it is, then the love we have for ourselves is equally dampened…making it less likely to truly love our job.


Of course 'shame' is just one of many examples that cover or wipe out our enjoyment and love of work, and in essence, something invaluable I've come to learn in my job of Recruitment is the insight that when the love of our job is not there…invariably it's because we've fallen out of love with ourselves.


Because it makes sense that the love of ourselves naturally allows for the love of the job we do.


If so then is it really the job, profession, career that we say we don't love, are no longer in love with, or have fallen out of love with. Or is this love aspect closer to home with us?


Being in-love with ourselves first and making this a consistent focus means that not only is the need to look to a job to provide this (love) for us relinquished, but that equally we infuse whatever job or career we have with this same quality of love or true enjoyment that we have founded for and within ourselves.

Love your Job ~ by Loving YOU.