Recruitment Consultants Adding Value


by Ben Batten

Given the vast number of firms in Singapore, choosing the best recruitment firm for your needs can be challenging when it comes to filling vital positions within an organization. After all, your human resource is your greatest asset. The cumbersome activity of screening and attracting candidates with the idea of building long term relationships is what recruitment essentially boils down to, for candidates are the one ingredient in building a strong and viable business. As much as a candidate needs an organization, the organization needs candidates even more so. As such, every business requires reliable and effective recruitment partners, to ensure they attract and hire the best talent to achieve pre-determined goals and even exceed them. 


Going back to how organizations need candidates, this is where the recruiter comes in to place. The significant elements which a professional recruiter can bring to your company are focus, precise proficiency & networks, business vigilance, negotiation skills, promptness and awareness of the market. 


Focus: External recruiters can emphasis on your performance essentials, especially critical in start-up & early stage firms where the in-house team is usually over-committed to existing projects. Often teams and corporations focus on requirements such as education, experience etc. while ignoring the one reason that is, by far, the most important: To get the job done. 


Precise Proficiency & Networks: The recruiter is a facility provider appointed for the added value and accurate industry knowledge and proficiency they bring to your team, especially other networks that bring high caliber candidates. A professional recruiter's skills are often required to connect the right candidate to the right client. Most successful top tier people do not spend time browsing the Internet for opportunities, reading the classified ads or circulating their resumes on job boards. Being proactive is the key to success. Clearly, this isn’t an easy task but that is what recruiters do every day of their lives. Matching skills, filling the gaps and building something that lasts are the ways that the recruiter and the hiring manager reach out and hold on to the best candidates. 


Business Vigilance: Expert recruiters spend their days in conversation with people and what it will take to hire crucial talent. Professional recruiters are treasure hunters, with a burning hunger to search the best candidates. And as the adage goes: Never judge a book by its cover and this is where recruiters come, read the book, scan each and every page to make sure they can place their bets on it. Recruiters who have industry specialization have an edge because they have expertise in their respective industry. They familiarize themselves with the details of the potential candidate's career history, are aware of the kind of opportunities these executives are looking for, and can commendably present the client with a platter to choose from. 



The recruiter is a negotiator who can convey information, proposals, and suggestions between the parties, probe both parties, reduce misinterpretations, and increase the probability of a successful deal. Recruiters know the package the client can offer and what candidate is expecting. With this information, the recruiter gets to the point of achieving mutually beneficial scenarios. 



Promptness is crucial in identifying and evaluating the right individual for the opportunity, locating potential candidates who can fill the post in terms of getting to work and achieving the company’s performance goals. Promptness is also decisive in terms of scheduling interviews, debriefing both parties, and then scheduling the follow-ups to get to a deal. 


Awareness of the Market: 

Successful recruiters counsel their clients in identifying the right type of candidate and the salary required to entice them. Furthermore, recruiters can add value to their clients by providing alternative potentials that are outside of the apparent choices and industries. Good entrepreneurs & executives know that the fee paid to a decent recruiter is an investment, not an expense. The recruiter is always active in the market and can act as marketing eyes and ears for the client and help the client to keep up with industry, technology, product and market trends. 


A well-known recruiter in an established recruitment firm gives you an advantage over your competition, an advantage that often lasts long after they have helped you with your first job placement. Your connection with your recruiter can mature into a lifelong professional association that can help you with future job searches, evidently concluding that building relationship with your industry’s top recruiters is a valuable investment in your career.