What I’ve Learned About Recruitment Is: The Importance of Quality & It's Connection


by Ben Batten

When I first started out in recruiting everything was about the numbers. Yes I know, what’s new, and what’s changed today, hey? We all know the importance and relevance of numbers as without them we’re out of a job, and out of business. But over the years what I’ve come to learn about recruitment is the importance of something else that’s equally, perhaps if not more important than sole emphasis on it being ‘all about the numbers’ i.e. ONLY about the numbers. Can this be true? Well, what I’ve found to be the case is that the numbers cannot be delivered without there being 2 essential ingredients in the mix first which are:



Each ingredient is not without the other, that both directly affect each other and are also essential pre-requisites for all calls, client visits, interviews, meetings, candidate interviews…BEFORE we even get to placements and revenue. For instance, when we don’t manage to get the correct or enough information, for example to be able to sell in the candidate well enough to the client’s opportunity, secure a 1st interview, or make the deal, it’s down to poor connection i.e. connection without a certain good quality. Perhaps because the interview was (too) quick, brief, not focused, or distracted with a wandering mind… thinking about the weekend, or whether the candidate sitting in front of us is someone we can place, and if not then switch off. When the connection with the person we’re with is poor or not good, the effectiveness of the actual meeting is equally reduced.


So without connection, and this being of quality, what do we really have?


Quality connection allows us to build credibility and reputation through an ability to feel, sense or read a person, situation or response. That the person we’re with has our undivided attention, that they feel listened to, heard, and met on a level as a human being. It’s awesome when this union happens.


What I’ve learned from recruitment is that the quality of all my meetings and even deals/situation and negotiations, will always depend on not just the connection I’ve created with a particular person in those regards, but also how connected I am within myself, and my quality of being for example, whether I’m vital, steady, focused, balanced, ‘together’, with myself, or more feel exhausted, that I’m rushing, being too quick, or jumping ahead skipping out vital aspects of meetings…even if it is towards setting up a client interview (!) I’ve also learned that such quality of connection isn’t just evident in the way I work, but also reflective within other areas of life too. That personal and work life are interconnected, not compartmentalized in their quality.


Recruitment is not only ‘all about the money’, it’s also a bit more than this. It’s all about the presence of QUALITY CONNECTION because of its influencing effect on the effectiveness and efficiency in the job, delivery of deals, meetings, or revenue targets. And importantly that this quality connection starts first within oneself - by the way, or quality which we live life. That people experience, love and enjoy the connection they have with us because of this self-connection that we live and bring into the way we work and do our job.