Do You Remember Your Recruiter?


by Ben Batten

It was a usual day at work - then rang my hand phone with an unknown number flashing on it, I answered the call with my usual, "Hello, may I know who is calling?"

The reply from the person on the other end was enough to make my usual day a special one. He mentioned his name and it took me not more than a second to realize who he was. How could I not recall him for, he was my first ever closure? He was my candidate whom I recruited exactly eight years back for one of the leading European banks.

That one introduction of himself and he made me go back to the time when I spoke to him for the first time, eight years back. The fact is that recruitment is not just about how quick you are in sourcing profiles or closing a mandate. It's also about how you manage that entire process and how you go about it after that as well. So having an effective candidate sourcing methodology is absolutely critical as it's a candidate driven market today.

As a fresher working on my first Recruitment mandate, I never knew that the first person I had lined up for an interview with the client will also be my first closure. Wow that felt great and what felt even more special was the same candidate reaching out to me after eight long years of me recruiting him and here he is looking for another opportunity again.

It's not unusual of us recruiters to be in touch with our candidates long after we have placed them but it's a lot more special when candidates themselves come back to you stating how glad they are that they got in touch with you, their words of appreciation, their confidence in your abilities as a recruiter are the brownie points that you earn. This one phone call has made me thinking that we are more than just a link between the aspiring candidate and the hiring managers. I feel our job responsibilities stretch way beyond the recruitment cycle of sourcing, scheduling, following up, closing the position…it's a lot more.

Can we not add a term call "Relationship Management" to our area of expertise?

You need to make sure you remain alive in the memory of your candidate for they could help you with recruitment references in future. Don't we feel happy, proud and content when appreciation pours in from clients for doing a good job in closing a position, yes we do! And now add to it the feeling that you get when your placed candidate is all praises for the work that you have done, you don't just feel happy and proud but it also motivates you to work even harder and here lies the catch. "Motivation" for without the jest and motivation to do something one seldom reaches to the height they want to.

Our clients are our business providers but each and every candidate you get in touch with irrespective of whether they ultimately manage to get placed through you or not, become a brand ambassador for you and your company. To sum it all up, it's not just recruitment, it's a lot more.  It is Relationship Management.

That's exactly what I felt when my candidate called up after a gap of almost eight years of me recruiting him, I felt motivated to keep going strong, make a name for myself and my organization for people to say "when it comes to hiring they are the ones."

Now the question is - Is it worth maintaining this relationship. It's a big YES. Because of this exercise, the recruiters are able to build a large pool of passive candidates and also increase the likelihood of identifying the top talents who would never be found through traditional job boards.