Personal branding


by Fiona Cheong


When we think of branding, we tend to think of companies and their taglines/ motto/ perception in the market. Personal branding is very much the same, it encompasses presenting yourself as a marketable brand to potential companies, employers, business partners. It is a proactive way of controlling your career development and how you are perceived in the marketplace. ​


Beyond the job qualification, more and more employers look at cultural fit these days, wanting to know what makes you tick and if you have the x-factor that will add value and gel well with the team and organization. You are assessed on the way you dress, carry yourself, communicate, behave, interact, your passions and also what you stand for. Personal branding goes beyond just getting the right job, a strong personal brand will impact your ability to get promotions and even increase your ability to attract talent and capital if you are a senior executive or business owner.


Think about what your online profiles say about you, the content that is on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll all for being real and posting pictures and updates that reflects who you are, but tweak your settings to filter the right content to the relevant individuals, or set it to private. This is especially essential for your personal social media sites as more employers and organisations are checking out their potential hires online. For a platform like LinkedIn, which is more for professional purposes, ensure that your picture (if you do upload one) and what you write on it reflects the same and showcase your expertise.


Your personal branding is about your uniqueness and strengths, your values and your priorities. It is important to have a clear picture of your personal and professional goals and ensure that you embody these be it in person or online. A strong personal brand can yield tremendous returns whether you are working with an organization or leading one. It is about time to have a think about how YOU want to be represented and perceived.


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