15 Years In Recruitment


by Mia Lyons


My 15 years’ experience in recruitment experience has been to say the least varied, challenging but most of all rewarding (in many ways).


To date I have worked across 3 continents, I have been responsible for the start-up of successful recruitment businesses, I have managed the entire country business for a leading global recruitment company, I have also worked as a female minority (recruiter) in the male dominated Oil & Gas industry and assisted in building many senior level leadership teams in global MNC’s.


I have worked with VOLT as an Associate Director for the past 2 years. I manage the Engineering, Supply Chain & Procurement and Property teams and personally recruit for Supply Chain, Procurement and Logistics positions mostly across the medical / life sciences, engineering and Logistics companies.


The recruitment market (globally) is filled with competition and to date I have experienced that to be a successful recruitment partner to any firm or candidate and to differentiate from the many recruiters out there is based on a few factors, they include: engaging with my clients and candidates, being flexible and going the extra mile, encouraging communication from both parties to share openly throughout the recruitment process to avoid cross lines of understanding at any point. Trust is gained by delivering on what you commit to, never over promising and under delivering, understanding the cultural fit, and REALLY listening to what each party is looking for. These are all personal attributes that can add more value than any of the ever increasing technology world can.


Technology and social media is ever changing and aiding recruiters to become better equipped to be resourceful, efficient and able to deliver to their clients faster. It also allows candidates opportunities to stand out from the crowd, advertise themselves or have access to hear about career opportunities from a passive perspective and not just by applying directly to adverts.


If my experience in recruitment has given me insight to trends one thing that remains the same and that is that for both candidates and companies alike choosing the right candidate / job is more than just the experience the candidate has or the salary the company can offer. It has to be about the chemistry between both parties after all it’s where we spend most of our time and goes hand in hand with VOLT’s belief of “You Deserve a Job You Love”.