From me to you


by Sathiyarajan Vinayagamani


Address or help every candidate who sends me a LinkedIn Invite or LinkedIn Message

Networking and getting to know people professionally is what I do for a living, and just because I have accepted a candidate’s invite or read a message from a candidate does not mean that I have a role for them. It will be my best interest to help out candidates, however I need to have the correct opportunities meaning that I need to have the relevant roles that matches the candidate’s skill-sets and experience.

In other words, my job is to provide a solution and I will not be of any use, if I do not have a solution or an action plan to help. I have excellent response rate for candidates within my domain and I have tried my best to help everyone outside my domain, at least to guide them to respective contacts, but the bottom line is: I cannot help all my 9783 connections and respond to all incoming messages.


Just call me by name

Last year, I worked on a super urgent assignment for a couple of hands on junior roles for a well know name within the manufacturing industry. I realized that most of the candidates were addressing me as Sir, and many of them were quite older than me. I do know I have a lengthy name and that’s why I sliced my name to Savi or Sathiya. Surely, my lengthy name cannot be the reason. I also checked with my colleagues and it seems to be like a common thing that they also face whenever dealing with super junior level candidates in the market especially in the world of engineering.

There is no doubt that using the term Sir OR Madame or Ma’am is to show Respect and trying to be polite.  From my understanding, these terms were originally used in the military to highlight higher ranking person and mainly to highlight seniority, clearly not applicable for my discussion with the candidate.

Bottom line, is that it’s not required. Just call me by my name and I am only doing my job.


Whatsapp for staying connected

Yes, I do use Whatsapp for work on my work mobile and I always a run a tab on my browser and that’s how stay connected to my network. 

I always respond to my messages as early as possible but however just as I mentioned before, I cannot respond to all the messages. I have always added contacts on Whatsapp with whom I can partner with or add value to them, but if a candidate has added me on Whatsapp and expecting a response, I am afraid I will not be able to respond unless there is something that I can do for him/her. I will try my best to address and respond to all the messages but in case, if there is no response, the candidate can assume that there is nothing that I do not have anything to offer.



I have a few instances where I get messages from candidates on Facebook and I am sorry to say that I do not use facebook for work. I am active on LinkedIn and I will continue to use LinkedIn as the main platform for networking professionally. I apologize for not accepting the request and I rarely look at the “others tab on the messenger”.


Bottom line, is to use LinkedIn instead of facebook for professional matters.