FLOWCYTOMETRY – The word I started my recruitment career with. Shudder!!


by Haifa Nizar


I looked at the role my dear colleague picked up for me with a new client that we were building relationships with. The words in the JD stared back at me and I couldn’t make sense of what it was, but I knew then and there that I wouldn’t be the one blinking first, for I was known to be the wordsmith. Flowcytometry was definitely not winning this battle. It has been a great year of learning everything about the broader umbrella of Life Sciences and FMCG space that I recruit for.


There are scary words still but the one thing I have learnt in this year is to ask more questions and understand words for what it is and the role for what it is and match the right candidate with the right role and even more importantly with the right company. Being an Indian, match making is in my blood. Hey! I understand how important being a cultural fit is, which is why when I take a job brief, I always ask my clients about the broad company culture and the individual team culture. What recruitment basically is, is matching the right candidate with the right job and even more importantly in a company that will help them realize their long-term career aspirations.


Why recruitment you ask? First of all, recruitment my friends, is not HR. Recruitment is sales and sales is something that I have always loved and I always knew I would get into. Being a logophile, I understood marketing and the weight correctly weaved words have in carrying through a campaign which in turn would eventually lead to increased brand visibility and market share resulting in revenue.  I am extremely, lucky to have been given the “Sales and Marketing” desk focusing on the Life Sciences and FMCG sectors. What makes my career here in Volt different is the emphasis that is laid on getting out there and meeting with candidates and industry experts to learn more about the space that we recruit for and working with colleagues who themselves have some sort of background in the space that they are recruiting for. It has been a year full of sharing information about our clients and the industry that we recruit for with an ever-growing team of colleagues in an office with a beautiful view of The Singapore Flyer – a place where I see myself for a long time to come!