People, Passion and IT Recruitment


by Anju Lagah


Following a post-graduate course in International marketing coupled with experience in retail, market research and management consultancy, gave me experiences that leant themselves well to perform a role as an IT recruitment consultant, which I never envisaged would become my career. 


20 years on the ability and passion, to understand industry trends and business needs, really means I can understand job roles in context of these and then position opportunities to find the best in market candidates.  This role has fulfilled my ever present need to learn, understand people’s motivations, provide good customer service, and engage with people to see where I can be of help.


Starting my career 20 years ago, was just when IT was really kicking of as.  Not just as support function but a real tool to drive business change, in a world that was getting smaller with the emergence of the internet and communication getting less prohibitive with email.  A great foundation to learn how to identify and attract candidates that are sought after or skills sets that are scarce or emerging. 


Even then, the need for strong technical skills combined with business and people skills was a challenge to find.   This continues as IT takes Centre-stage as the function to allow businesses to grow, understand their markets and consumers o that they can develop products and services, that customers want and improve their experience overall. 


This focus has accelerated the need for specific specialists in - software development/ engineering, Big Data / Data Science, Digitalization, Cyber Security, Innovation and Change Management across Senior Level roles in IT.  Making it exciting to keep abreast of emerging technologies and challenging to find those unicorns or as close to what really exists in the market; )