Vinay Pullakhandam

Vinay Pullakhandam


With aspirations to be different in life, I moved to Singapore 10 years ago on the back of a scholarship to build my legacy. I kept myself open-minded and surrounded myself with the know-it-alls so that I could stay ahead of the game. Through my studies at NUS, I had discovered my passion for building communities and tapping on them to achieve something bigger than myself. This pushed me to the exciting world of entrepreneurship where I finally found my belonging. This stems from the fact that I come from a family of entrepreneurs as well.

My earlier experience at Saltycustoms provided a bedrock for my sales career where I developed a keen taste for business development and nurtured the skills to get me started. Hint: It's the little things.

Currently, I'm a recruiter with VOLT, looking for the best and brightest in entry to mid-level roles in the engineering sector, while providing a great experience to both candidates and clients alike.